Secret Recipe Part I

I always like to dine at Secret Recipe. Maybe because the ambient at most of their outlets- nice, cozy, not too superficial and the food is always great (at least most of what I have tried tasted good).

So this is one of my many dining experiences at one of the Secret Recipe outlets.


I decided to try different drinks apart from their choice of soft drink and ice lemon tea. So I chose this fancy looking sparkling apple. (I still prefer the sparkling apple at Nandos!) Oh, I took the bottle home because I was planning to do decoupage on it.


Then as part of the meal set, I had Vietnamese beef noodle. I still couldn’t figure out how they made the green chili condiment. Maybe they imported it specially from Vietnam..haha!


As usual I hardly eat the brownies that come as part of the meal set. I think this one is American brownies. I rather eat moist chocolate cake than brownies. Sorry brownies lovers out there, I just don’t share the same preferences as yours.


Instead I ordered their famous Choc Banana. Never know that banana will taste that good in cake because I hate the normal banana cake. Must ask what type of banana they use in their cakes. Maybe it’s Pisang Montel, what do you think?


Lastly, Hubby had one coffee..huhuhu..I forgot what type of coffee is it Latte? I don’t drink coffee so I have hard time differentiating all type of brew. Well, I’ll check out the coffee guides I collected from Starbucks again later, OK!

(Thanks to Hubby for his Sony Ericsson K750i, I didn’t bring my Sony T30 so I have to be satisfied with the quality of the pictures this time.)


  1. MQ,
    The vietnamese noodle soup doesn’t look like any vietnamese noodle I had before , probably since the soup usually are not dark like this one….
    Mainly sebab we were never served with the green chilli condiment….
    Usually just sliced green chillies, and then lots, and lots of fresh condiments like coriander, bean sprouts, and saw-leaf coriander/herb.
    And we would almost always eat beef soup, so we would be served with stew beef, and very thinly sliced raw beef. It would be cooked from the very hot broth.
    Now you make my mouth water. I would probably try this one next time we visit this place…
    Thanks for the headstart 🙂

  2. I think the darker soup is because of the soy sauce..I’m still looking for halal Vietnamese restaurant to try the real beef noodle.

    Among all the food at Secret Recipe, this is the only one that I can finish it all, usually I couldn’t finish the whole portion of their food. End up, hubby will eat it all..haha!

    Where did you had your Vietnamese beef noodle anyway? Just curious to know.

  3. Old story, that.
    When I was in college, I used to go to oriental stores to get whatever I need for cooking, usually serai etc etc.
    And this one store had a restaurant beside it, and of course it is not halal.
    What I did what ask them basically what they put for the broth, and I found a recipe close enough (without pork).
    And the rest, as they say, is history 😀

  4. I fell in love with their vietnamese beef noodle. I thought it would be similar to chinese style beef noodle or bakso (indonesian beef noodle).

    I didn’t really want to eat but just to drink the soup to heal my flu & perk up my day. Thn. wuah leeh.. after the first bite, my nose, mood, body just perks up & before I knew it… I dah telan the whole thing even the chilly sauce.

    I think the chilly sauce is pickled green chillies, onions & some herbs + vinegar + bit of salt thn pounded or blended.
    Today I went to try their Japanese soba 😀 it’s nice & their green apple katsuri’s really nice.
    I’ve been to Jalan Barat, Jaya Supermarket (now moved to) Section 14 beside KFC & finally to the one at Menara Telekom.

    I dn’t really fancy the one in Jalan Barat it’s not very clean & the waitress kinda sombong. But I like the enviroment & waiter + wairess in Menara Telekom.

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