I hope all of you have seen the advert on the TV about how destiny could bring love in our life. Well, this is the ice cream he and she likes so much.


Since I don’t take anything coffee, I bought the other Cornetto Royale to try. Quite good I can say, especially with the crunchy wafer and the strawberry topping all the way from top to bottom.


I was thinking to take the picture of the bottom part of the cornetto, just to show that there is strawberry topping at the bottom tip of the wafer cone, but my hand was messy and I don’t want the ants to bite my camera later..


This is how the Tiramissyou looks like. But hubby said next time he wants to try the Triple Choc. Oh, the price? RM2.50 each. Same price as burger ayam special..huhu!

(Will let you know what is burger ayam special later!)

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