Mee Goreng Basah

If you are a noodle lover and love something spicy, try order mee goreng basah at any Malay restaurant. Sometimes you could also buy this type of fried noodle at pasar malam. But of course those pasar malam mee goreng with price RM1.50 would not have all the beef, squid, prawn, sawi and everything else like the one I cooked at home..hehe!


When I cook this type of fried noodle, usually I will blend the chili paste. If you boil the dried chili before you blend it, it could last for quite a long time in the fridge. Sometimes when I have extra time, I blend the chili together with onion and garlic. So the next time when I feel like cooking sambal tumis or any spicy fried dish, I just use the blended chili and it would save a lot of preparation and cooking time.

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