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Som Tam-Papaya Salad

July 27, 2007 Cinta 0

We had this at Johnny’s Summit while waiting for the time to watch Harry Potter..hehe! I always love Som Tam but ever since the aunty who used to make Som Tam at the restaurant in front of our place went […]

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Cencaru Sumbat

July 11, 2007 Cinta 0

I’m going to cook Cencaru Sumbat for dinner tomorrow since this evening I have marinated the fish and prepare the chili paste to fill up inside the fish. I’m not sure what they call this fish in English but I […]

Fish & Chips

July 7, 2007 Cinta 0

Since I was busy for the past few months and sometimes have to stay at night to finish up the work, I need to find something easy and edible to fill up my starving tummy. A cup of hot Milo […]

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Sambal Ikan Bilis

July 4, 2007 Cinta 1

If you ever had nasi lemak in Malaysia, I’m sure you would come across Sambal Ikan Bilis in the menu. It’s not really hard to make one at home though for me the initial preparation to make the chili paste […]