Sambal Ikan Bilis


If you ever had nasi lemak in Malaysia, I’m sure you would come across Sambal Ikan Bilis in the menu. It’s not really hard to make one at home though for me the initial preparation to make the chili paste is quite messy.

But if you already prepared the paste together with belacan, onion in it, cooking it will be a breeze. For my sambal ikan bilis I usually put tamarind juice instead of asam keping as the latter tend to make my whole sambal taste bitter.

I read somewhere that the commercial sambal bilis is quite different from the one cooked at home, maybe because for selling purpose they have to minimize the cost to maximize the profit. I’m yet to attend the commercial nasi lemak cooking class so I can’t really share what’s the difference.

This sambal will taste good if you eat them with bihun goreng for breakfast..nyam nyam!

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