Fish & Chips

Since I was busy for the past few months and sometimes have to stay at night to finish up the work, I need to find something easy and edible to fill up my starving tummy. A cup of hot Milo and cream crackers could not do so I tried to find something instant and frozen at the mall for my late night supper.

So here it is, the easy to prepare fish and chips.


It comes with the mixed vege which I boiled in microwave, and tartar sauce which has too much onion for my liking (those who love onion will love the taste but not me..hehe) and then the fries and the fish. The fish was good as it did not have any weird fishy smell. Just ignore my burnt fish, I overcooked it in the hot oil while busy washing the dirty dishes in the sink.


So if you feel like trying this for your cheap, easy to make at home Western menu, check out the packaging.

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