Manggis – The Queen of Fruits

It’s fruity season again here in Malaysia (though I think almost every month is fruit season with the influx of imported fruits from Thailand and the rest of the world) and since I have bought longan, this time I bought mangosteen – or manggis as we call it in Malay.


From what I read, manggis or its scientific name Garcinia mangostana is a fruit grown primarily in Southeast Asia and revered as the Queen of Fruits (Queen Victoria would offer Knighthood to anyone who would bring a fresh supply). This info was taken from Please don’t sue me for copyright…haha!


I like the taste of it, sweet but not overwhelming. But I seem to be having problem opening up the fruits, because each time my hand will be smeared with the purple stain. Anyway, research says that mangosteen have powerful antioxidants so let’s eat as much as we can since it’s in the season..hehe!

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  1. Only recently have I discovered the power of the mangosteen fruit with it’s powerful anti-oxidants called xanthones.

    I understand the most healthy part is in the rind or what they call the pericarp. It is more bitter…figures.

    Glen Woodfin

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