The Potato and Onion

These pictures were taken when Hubby bought a close up filter for his D50. I thought it will be a good entry to tell what the normal ingredients I have in my kitchen.


Here is the big onion – bawang besar. Sometimes when I bought Indian red, big onion, my eyes bleeds with tears whenever I peel them. I prefer this one, not so reddish (and less tears welling in my eyes) but still taste good in cooking. I’m not sure what kind of big onion it is but lately the local store only has the Indian onion..sigh!

Oh, BTW I don’t eat the onion in food, I will pick each of them out before eating but I use them in my cooking because without them, the food won’t taste that good either..hehe!


Then this is potato – kentang. I think this is Holland potato. I like the small one sold in Cameron Highland. Maybe because they are fresh it tastes much better. I usually use potato in my chicken soup to accompany nasi ayam dish.


The last one is asam keping. It is also known as asam gelugur (Garcinia atroviridis). We don’t really eat the pieces but rather put them in soup and other type of dishes to get the sour taste. Can also be a substitute for tamarind juice.

Well, that’s all for 3 main ingredients I have in my kitchen. I will try to share more that is more to local taste like belacan (shrimp paste), home made chili paste etc later.

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