The Home Made Puding Jagung

I am very bad in making desserts and all, so when Hubby suddenly has the urge to eat Puding Jagung with custard, not the one with agar-agar sold at the Pasar Ramadhan, I have some doubt on my ability to make one.

Despite that I found a few recipes online that don’t use agar-agar and could be something that Hubby wanted to eat, so here it goes the final outcome.


You see, I don’t even have the mold to put the pudding, so I have to buy the smallest round tin at Jusco. Luckily it was the Hari Raya season so I can easily find all the necessary ingredients like the custard powder at the front counter.

I used Yeo’s corn in tin but I think the one I used was the cream type which apam balik makers usually put as the topping inside that Malaysian version of waffles..heh! And I used one tin of Ideal susu cair ( I am out of the right translation for susu cair).

The only problem was I don’t know how much to mix in the custard powder because Hubby wanted to eat a soft and smooth Puding Jagung, not the hardy type which when you cut will turn out very nice.


So in the end, this is how it looks like. My puding jagung turned out to be very soft and I think it’s best if I put the cooked ingredients in small, single molds and let them cool down and not cut them into these parallelogram shapes.

With the measurement I used in my recipe, I think the puding jagung is only edible with spoon and not something you can pick up and put into your mouth. But Hubby said it tastes good and finished up the whole round pan..wink!

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