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Travelling For Halal Food

November 28, 2007 Cinta 2

Being a Muslim, I am very particular when it comes to finding Halal food when traveling. The last time I was on trip to Japan, I have to make sure that my home stay family understood the basic concept of […]

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Masak Lemak Cili Api

November 15, 2007 Cinta 0

I don’t really like eating masak lemak cili api ayam or daging, but I find it quite easy to cook such meal. I’m not sure what’s the authentic recipe for this masak cili api, but mine is quite simple. Using […]

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Fried Macaroni

November 2, 2007 Cinta 1

I was out of ideas on what to eat one night, when I realized that I have macaroni in the kitchen. The thing is with boiling the macaroni, I find it very tricky to estimate how much the boiled amount […]