Fried Macaroni

I was out of ideas on what to eat one night, when I realized that I have macaroni in the kitchen. The thing is with boiling the macaroni, I find it very tricky to estimate how much the boiled amount would be..heh! In the end I always overestimate the amount of the boiled macaroni and end up having one whole big pan of fried macaroni.


Since I don’t feel like eating the Western type of cheesy and creamy sauce for the macaroni, I fried the boiled macaroni like I fry yellow noodle. Using the blended dried chili with onion and garlic, I added in beef pieces and shrimp. A nice supper while watching Smith Part 2 on Cinemax.

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  1. Can’t imagine the taste but very curious to try it sometime. But maybe without the shrimp, got some allergies with those. 😀

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