Broadband Ways To Cook

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How would you like to learn how to cook using your existing broadband connection? With Lifesize Telepresence you could do so.

Imagine having the master cook right in front of your face, watching you throw the vegetable and chicken into the frying pan..heh! But this time she is only one step away in the video conferencing screen so she can’t actually smack your hand for putting too much salt..heh!

With the full featured products such as the LifeSize Room, you can have the cooking session up to six participants to connect in high definition. I know this is too much to consider for usual cooking class, but with the advanced technology who says only those in enterprise level or business world could enjoy all these facilities. After all cooking is one hell of main business as well. Everybody needs to eat but how many can really cook.

With Lifesize now everyone can learn how to cook world’s famous cuisine..hehe!

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