A Cookbook Idea?

*This post is written for authorhouse.com*

A cooking blogger I knew online just published another cookbook of hers. Since I am not that close I don’t dare to ask her how she do it, but having a book with your name as the author is a cool idea for me. Nay, I’m not into writing cookbook, keeping up with this food blog is sometimes a chore for me to come out with the right words..huhu!

But if you have the knack in writing or looking for good source to start when it comes to publishing, for example Christian Publishers like AuthorHouse could help you. They will guide you from the publishing to distribution, help you choose the price and royalty price so that you will not be turn off or lose motivation in writing. After all, getting good money from writing is definitely another perks to consider, apart from having people all over the world to read what you write and be your instant loyal readers..heh!

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