Best Cook Award

Have you ever entered cooking contest of any kind? Not like the Iron Chef and the professional whatnot, but all the fun cooking contests they usually have at fair, at school or family day.

One thing I notice that they don’t give any recognition awards like trophy or acrylic awards to the winner of the cooking contest. Being a contestant in my University club’s cooking contests a few years ago (and I did win runner up place and first prize), I do wish now that they have given me a trophy of some sort so that I could display it in my glass cabinet..heh! But what I got was a bunch of hampers of food and instant noodle..huhu!

I think once I have mastered the cooking skills vast enough I will try to enter a more challenging cooking contest and see whether I can get any trophy for consolation prize.

Oh, have you ever noticed when you dine at any good restaurant, they have this kind of perpetual plaques at the wall that displays the best staff of the month, employee of the month, you know all those motivating factors to perk up the spirit of those workers..heh!

Perhaps it won’t mean much to the employee of the month, but psychologically it’s a cheap but proven method to show appreciation to your staffs.

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