Fighting The French Fries

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Whenever I’m frying anything in the kitchen, Hubby will quickly dodge the pan away. He will take like a few metres distance away as if the hot oil could pop anywhere near him. Sometimes when I am too busy washing the dishes while waiting for the fried stuffs to turn brown, if I ask him to remove the fried ingredients from the hot oil, he will definitely find the kitchen towel to wrap around his arm and hand like a sparring gear..heh!

Does it really hurt the tiny, tiny bubbles of the hot oil? Actually if you are not used to it, it hurts a bit but the scalded skin will turn into blister and burnt scar in no time..heh! Just like when you first go for martial art class, it hurts at the first blow but it will just make you tougher. Same goes for the cook in the kitchen..heh!

Do check out the chest guard they have on the website, the pink one is nice. Another alternative for the normal kitchen apron to fight against the fried french fries in the pan..haha!

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