Lost In Route To The Food

*This post is written for locationmaps.com*

Whenever Hubby is on leave, we always scout for new places to eat. There is one famous seafood area near here that most of our friends recommended for us to go and try. The first time we tried to reach the seafood place, Bagan Lalang in Sepang I did wish that we have any kind of digital mapping services in the car. It took us around 20 minutes searching for the right turn and we almost went into the KLIA airport cargo terminal..huhu!

After a call to a friend who has been there before, we managed to get into the right route. As I was already starving even before we took the ride, the 30km journey took longer than I could imagine. Nevertheless we managed to reach the seafood place and had such a wonderful dinner (or was it considered supper..heh!)

Now whenever we would like to get on trip for food adventure, I make sure that I have check online to get the correct direction and possible route to get to the destination.

If you are planning on trip to any new eating places for the first time, make sure you have someone in the car who could read signboards and manage to observe whether you have taken the wrong turn twice..hehe!

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