Business Loans For Restaurant

I was running an errand today when I decided to stop by at the stalls by the roadside to buy some food. Not sure whether because today is Friday or the food stall owners decided to go on leave (it’s the end of the year and school holiday season after all), most of the usual stalls are closed much to my grumbling tummy disappointment.

And then as I drove around I saw a newly built stall at the bus stop with a lot of choices, from cendol pulut, mee kari to rojak buah. I think if those sellers could get business loans as easily as the funding given out by companies like EZ perhaps they will be able to open up a proper eating joint or restaurants. After all who wouldn’t want to expand the already flourishing business, right?

But as we know not all financing companies would be willing to give fast funding, great service and will process your application as easily as you think they should, especially when you are a start up business owner. For those roadside sellers, I hope one day they will have the chance to expand their business, after all finding good food is essential especially for busy people like me..heh!

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