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Nasi Ulam, Sayur Keladi & Pekasam

December 19, 2007 Cinta 2

This entry is supposed to be written during the Ramadhan time as it was the only time when you can find such rare dishes like this sold at the food bazaar. My grandma used to make nasi ulam as one […]

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A Cookbook Idea?

December 19, 2007 Cinta 0

*This post is written for* A cooking blogger I knew online just published another cookbook of hers. Since I am not that close I don’t dare to ask her how she do it, but having a book with your […]

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Bistro Delifrance – Sunway Pyramid

December 17, 2007 Cinta 0

This is my first time dining at Bistro Delifrance in Sunway Pyramid after many, many years. We used to dine there several times but before the outlet has been upgraded to Bistro. One thing I noticed the Bistro tend to […]

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Broadband Ways To Cook

December 17, 2007 Cinta 0

*This post is written for* How would you like to learn how to cook using your existing broadband connection? With Lifesize Telepresence you could do so. Imagine having the master cook right in front of your face, watching you […]

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Pindang Ikan, Ulam and Sambal Belacan

December 13, 2007 Cinta 0

There are times when I yearn for simple lauk kampung style of food. It’s great to dine out once in a while, try new place, new dishes but nothing can beat the taste of simple food cooked at home. So […]

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Books, More Books!

December 10, 2007 Cinta 0

*This post is written for* I love buying new books, not just to read them but also to ponder upon pages after pages, especially if it’s a cook book. Try checking out cook book when your stomach is growling, […]

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Takoyaki At Jusco Mid Valley

December 6, 2007 Cinta 1

I always love eating Japanese food especially their savoury food like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. So when I found the stall at Jusco Mid Valley I know I had to try their Octopus takoyaki. Sorry for the quality of the picture. […]

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Gravad Lax At IKEA Cafe

December 5, 2007 Cinta 0

I was wrong in thinking that Gravad Lax is smoked salmon..huhu! Nevertheless it is still good if you like raw fish cured in herbs (dill to be exact), salt and sugar. When eaten together with the salad greens, dip in […]

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All Food Around The World

December 2, 2007 Cinta 3

There is new channel on Astro that shares about food – Asian Food Channel (AFC). There was one particular show I happened to watch the other day about a Greek restaurant that serves dolmades – delicate parcels made from grape […]

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Travelling For Halal Food

November 28, 2007 Cinta 2

Being a Muslim, I am very particular when it comes to finding Halal food when traveling. The last time I was on trip to Japan, I have to make sure that my home stay family understood the basic concept of […]