Hello! I’m Cooking

I was watching Ugly Betty episodes (yes, it’s back to back for season 1) in which she was on the phone to her Dad in Mexico asking for the recipe and the correct ingredients she need to put in the dishes she was cooking for Henry. Well, not sure how much it costs for the phone call from New York to Mexico but I’m sure she could save more if she’s using international calling cards, heh! I’m sure it is not as expensive as the call she made from the flight which Daniel said cost $10/minute.

Well, being away from home does make your heart grow fonder. So not to be too homesick, if you are planning to travel around the world or be away from the source of the home cooked food for quite some times, make sure you have the calling cards so that you can make that precious call anytime you want. If you are not sure what’s the difference between cilantro and parsley, and which one to be put in that dishes you are trying to concoct, get the phone and make the call before you manage to kill anyone’s appetite with your cooking..huhu!

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