Air Batu Campur – ABC

Some call it ABC, abbreviation for Air Batu Campur (shaved ice), some call it ais kacang. But I think I still like the original version that I used to have long time ago sold by the roadside or stall owners, the kind that gerai-gerai (hawkers) used to sell.


This one was bought at Tesco Puchong food court. It still has the typical creamy corn, the susu cair part on top of the shaved ice which has been poured by sugary red syrup. The old style used to have another part poured by gula melaka syrup, which resembles the dark root beer like color. I tend to ask the hawker to add more susu cair as I love the taste of the sweetened milk on the ice mixed with the red syrup (reminds me of air bandung..heh)


Some people like to mix and stir all the ice with the ingredients inside, drinking the mixture with straw. I prefer to eat it bit by bit, caving into the inside of the ice. You can see it has cendol, beans, buah nibung, salty peanuts and cincau pieces. I only eat my ABC while the ice is still intact. Once it melts, I just lose the interest to finish it all.

Be careful of the brain freeze, though! hehe..

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