Cooking While On Vacation?

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I wish I could go for Hawaii vacations some days. But I think if anyone going on vacation somewhere far from home, and with a bunch of fussy eaters, it will be better if they rent vacation home or beach house rather than staying in hotel.

One reason being you can cook whatever you like, any time you are starving for food unlike staying in hotel and waiting for the buffet time. Yes, you can always ask for room service but imagine traveling in tow with kids who are always growling with empty stomach might have cost you a bomb by the end of the tour.

With full equipped kitchen and utilities like microwave, fridge and all you can be sure that your day at the beach will end up not hungry..heh!

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  1. I have rented a vacation home instead of staying at a hotel and I absolutely loved it! Not only is it good for cooking your own food, but it can give a much cozier feel, a home away from home. As much as I enjoy staying at hotels on my travels, renting a home is a lot of fun and a great experience.

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