Carrot Cake?

I still have a few more pictures of food savored in Singapore so I think this one sounds interesting. Well, at least for me. When you heard about carrot cake, what do you have in mind? I thought it’s the typical cake sold in bakeries, the one with grated carrot and walnut but actually this carrot cake a.k.a. Chai Tow Kway is part of Singaporean breakfast menu.


It is made from rice flour and ‘white carrot’, or radish, which is quick-fried with soy sauce, eggs, garlic and delightful bits of pickled radish (chai poh). It comes in 2 versions – black or white. The hawker at the Banquet (halal food court in Singapore) asked me and I quickly answered black (though I didn’t really know the difference). Later I found out that the black version is fried with sweet black soy sauce while the white one without the black soy sauce..heh!

If you are not into spicy Malay food you might like it. For me, I find it very bland but it was good to try something new in foreign land..heh!


  1. Hi MQ 🙂

    I am not a fan of carrot cake. It is an acquired taste, from my point of view. My husband is a singaporean, so to him carrot cake is sedap 🙂

  2. Hahaha..I had the same thought as well. I thought it’s a carrot cake with the cream cheese topping! Haven’t tried this version of ‘carrot cake’ yet. Well, if you said the taste is not spicy, then perhaps we can just add the ‘cili jeruk’! Yummy yummy!

  3. Now I remember having this kind of carrot cake once at Dim Sum Lunch Buffet, but that time rasa mcm sedap pulak, maybe they have change the recipe to suit tekak org Mesia kot..haha!

    Mamafami, agaknya if we cook this carrot cake with cili boh sure lagi sedap kan, mcm goreng mee tu..hehe!

  4. MQ!
    We found a good carrot cake over at Tesco Kepong! Betul, no kidding.
    Tapinya lah kan, it was cooked like how one would could char kuay teow, only spicier.
    Definitely would suit our local tastebud.
    I am having a hankering for it, guess had to wait until next week la kot heh…

  5. Carrot cake at dim sum? I live in NJ and have never seen it at dim sum. Wish I would. I think I will make a suggestion next time I go.

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