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I know a few friends who are avid eaters (they like to try new places and new food to taste) and great cooks when it comes to home cooked meals.

They are even willing to try out new recipes they found in cooking magazine and improvise it to perfection. But not many of these bunch of friends are interested to share their knowledge and experiences by blogging.

From my experience of writing this food blog, it can really make some extra income plus you get to gain more by sharing with others who are interested in food.

After all it won’t be so difficult to share the review on the new restaurant you have been or new recipes you have tried over the past weeks since nobody will judge how you write. (It’s your blog after all, you can do all you like, the way you prefer it to be)

As long as you get all the details right, like the price wise, the ingredients (if you were to share the recipe with the readers) or the location if you would like to recommend the eating place, you are on the right track of being a food blogger. Sure it will add a perk if you can put in some pictures to emphasize the yummy food you are writing about..heh!

Of course if you want to be considered as a serious food blogger, you will want to consider paying for webhosting service which surprisingly will not cost you much if you know what you should be looking for.

It is very common for established food bloggers these days to have other companies buying text links or put paid banners on their blogs which believe me will help pay for the web hosting service they invest in, in the first place.

So go check out for reliable web hosting company and start earning money by writing about those food you love so much.

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