Cekodok Pisang

Some call it cekodok pisang, kuih kodok (toad-like kuih?) or jemput jemput, but nevertheless the basis of this sweet tea time snack is the same. It must have banana and flour. The banana especially the too-ripen batch to eat on its own have to be mashed, adding in sugar and a bit of salt to taste. To make it easier for the cook to make the dough into ball-like shape, wheat flour is added. The ball of mashed banana will then be deep fried in hot oil.

I hate cekodok pisang sold outside as the cekodok tend to have too much flour and have only a little banana. Sometimes you can’t even taste the mashed banana inside. I can understand that the sellers want to save cost but it’s frustrating for choosy eater like me.

I usually make my own cekodok pisang using pisang emas. I am not sure what other type of banana that can be used as substitute. Mine usually has less flour and more banana, making it very soft and mushy which could last for hours without turning hard like a rock when it’s cold.

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