Nasi Dagang Terengganu

The only thing that makes me like travelling (despite the long journey and tired body) is the opportunity to try the authentic food of the place I traveled to. For example, if you go to Terengganu, never miss the chance to try Nasi Dagang.

It’s true that you can find nasi dagang even here in KL, but the taste won’t be the same. Even the presentation of the food is different. Check out the pictures posted here.

The one sold in Terengganu could be found wrapped nicely in kelonsong shape of banana leaf. The pieces of ikan aya or ikan tongkol will be inside the rice. I read the recipe on the Internet and it says that the rice is steamed rather than cooked normally in rice cooker (enough reason for me NOT to cook my own nasi dagang..heh)

I was told that in Terengganu, they usually have this dish for breakfast. The above picture shows the close up of gulai nasi dagang. It looks like curry but the dish has different style of cooking and use entirely different spice. The famous rempah is called rempah cap bunga ros. For extra kick, put in belimbing buluh and cili padi. Hubby told me that I should squeeze both belimbing buluh and cili padi with the gravy and eat with my rice…huhu!

That’s the amount of rice in one kelonsong. I’m sure for those with big appetite you will have no problem to finish 2-3 packs..heh! Oh, you can even eat the dish with acar timun (cucumber pickle/salad) or gulai daging or ayam (chicken or beef curry Terengganu style).

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