Are You Covered?

With the recent outbreak of many major illness and disease, (be it food or not food related) I can’t help but to wonder whether the existing medical insurance coverage that I bought and my Hubby’s employer has will be enough if anything were to happen to me (touchwood!)

Perhaps I should look for supplemental health insurance in case the amount covered is not enough. These kind of supplemental insurance policies usually will cover the expenses that main insurance policies do not cover, such as loss of income and living expenses.

Of course when determining what kind of health insurance policy one should get, the main concern will be how much the medical insurance cost you have to bear every month or on yearly basis. Those who smoke and overweight tend to be charged more. The rationale is people who are overweight tend to have more health problems which make them a greater risk.

So, change your life style, eat healthily, quit smoking and lose that extra weight..heh!

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