Biskut Samperit

It’s Raya season again! And I somehow want to eat biskut samperit so much that I decided to make my own. Before I decided to bake my own biskut raya, I bought 2 containers of samperit, one tastes good but it’s not in flower shape. The other one samperit bunga I bought at bazaar Ramadhan tastes blerrghh..huhu!

So Hubby said why don’t we bake our own samperit this year. So I googled for recipe and read for tips on how to make a good samperit.

This original recipe was taken from They have many great kuih raya recipe. I only used half of the ingredients portion which make roughly about 40++ of biskut samperit. Maybe because the way Hubby pressed the mold, making the cookies quite large..heh!

Bahan-bahan ( 100 biji )

* 8 oz – 220g tepung gandum
* 3 oz – 75g tepung kastard
* 1 1/2 oz – 26gm tepung ubi
* 6 oz – 150g gula halus
* 7 oz – 195g marjerin / mentega
* 1 biji kuning telur
* 1 sudu teh esen vanilla
* Ceri merah dan hijau utk hiasan

1. Pukul gula dan marjerin hingga kembang.
2. Masukkan telur sedikit demi sedikit. masukkan esen vanilla. Putar lagi seketika.
3. Ayakkan tepung gandum, tepung ubi dan kastard.
4. Masukkan adunan tepung ke dalam adunan mentega sedikit demi sedikit.
5. Terap menggunakan acuan semperit. Jika adunan agak lembik tambahlah sedikit tepung gandum. Hias dengan ceri.

Thanks to Hubby for doing all the molding, baking and cleaning job. I was only able to mix the dough since our little one refused to be apart from me..isk isk!

This is the picture of our biskut samperit fresh from the oven. I think some people call it biskut dahlia. Oh, for those who never make biskut samperit, here is how the acuan looks like. It is quite tiring as the whole mold could only make 3 big cookies. So just imagine how many times you have to refill and press the mold to finish all the dough..huhu!

In the end, we managed to have one small balang of kuih samperit. No wonder the homemade raya cookies are expensive these days, with all the tedious work and the cleaning process afterwards.

Thanks to Hubby for making my dream to eat delicious biskut samperit bunga comes true..muah!


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