Restoran Alissara Thai Cuisine (Part 2)

All these pictures were taken during our makan trip with SIL’s family.

Since we went there quite early, there was dessert available. The usual pulut (sticky rice) with mangga, nyum nyum! It tasted so good that the dessert is usually gone by the time we reach the restaurant for late dinner. You can also tapau (take away) this pulut and mango, they will pack the santan (thick coconut milk) separately.

Another dessert I like, which till now I still don’t know its Thai name..heh! It has slices of jackfruit, nata de coco, cendol and weird looking gummy chewy i-dont-know what inside which I am sure is made from tepung beras or tepung pulut.

This was another version of udang celup tepung. But I preferred the normal celup tepung. This one costs more, I think about RM15 and deep fried with breadcrumbs.

BIL ordered bawal masak kerabu. The best part about fish dish there, the fish will be fried crispy. We have tried bawal masak halia before and it was good! I am yet to try any of their famous siakap steam. Will have to try that one of these days.

Lastly, this was kerabu perut. We never ordered perut (babat lembu) dish before since Hubby doesn’t eat them. BIL said it was good. Perhaps next time I should order other type of kerabu they have.

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