Sup Tulang Merah Singapore Style

The first time I heard about this weird, blood red sup tulang was when I watched Anthony Bourdain tour to Singapore.

The last time I went to Singapore I didn’t get the chance to try it. I only tried beef steak kuah which I have mentioned in my post here – Singapore Beef Steak Kuah.

This time after reading a comment in a local forum, someone mentioned about a restaurant in Subang Jaya that serves such dish. So we went to the restaurant (I will review about the restaurant later) to try the so called famous sup tulang merah or bone steak as they call it in Singapore.

It is usually served with french loaf, but at the restaurant that we went to, the loaves are dipped in egg and toasted. Not sure whether that is how Singaporeans eat their bread with the sup tulang merah.

There is also another place in Batu Pahat that serves this sup tulang merah. Read about it here : Singapore Style ‘Sup Tulang Merah’.

I found a recipe on a blog which I think could be possible to be tested. Will research more on the correct ingredients especially on how the sup could be blood red (food coloring perhaps?)


  1. Just tried this today…for
    the first time ever…not one of my favorite gastronomic experiences….firstly
    the deep red color was a bit of a turn-off…most definitely artificially
    colored…the red in tandoori chicken I can tolerate…but red gravy??? No
    thanks!!! Reminded me too much of Chilli crab gravy which i’m not a big fan of
    (ketchup sauce)…and certainly not a kind of gravy i’d be interested to mop up
    with bread…so I’m glad I skipped the bread.

    As for the bones and
    marrow…I’m told it’s mutton bones…and what I had in mind was
    “goat” – which I love…but judging from the size of the bones…I
    was finding it hard to believe they could have come from goats…but then I
    read that Mutton refers to mature sheep…and I guess those can be bigger than
    the nimble goats I’ve seen roaming the countryside…so that made more
    sense…was really wondering if they cud be bones of Cows because they were rather
    large…and the meat bits around the bone joint didn’t seem to have the
    distinctive taste of mutton (which I happen to like)…so the confusion didn’t
    help my appreciation of the dish at all…and the marrow…omg…never thought
    i could consume something so “rich” to my heart’s content…five
    bones…3 bone marrows was all I cud manage…”Jelat”-to-death…not
    to mention cholesterol overdose induced seizure waiting to happen…Lol!

    ‎”Like” Sup
    Tulang Merah? Not likely.

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