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Ever since I become a mom, I am more conscious about my health and wellness. I don’t really have problem with gaining weight pre or post baby years but I think I really have to pay more attention in term of what I eat daily especially since I am still breastfeeding my son.

Crazy daily routine sometimes make me neglect my lunch and healthy snack for tea. Browsing through many other health blogs makes me overwhelmed with a lot of info. Sometimes when I come across good info and find a lack of time to read and digest them, I bookmark the page and few days later simply forget about those pages..huhu!

It is good if I have a place where I can visit every now and then and gather good info about wellness and healthy living style.

WellnessDaily is a new, online community that collects the latest news, healthy living blogs, expert opinions, easy, nutritious recipes and videos on a variety of topics including weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and mental well-being.

From weight loss to stress relief to eating right, the site provides a central hub for anyone looking to get or stay healthy. also enables users to create a customized personal health and wellness news feed so that they receive the most relevant news possible.

One of the article that attracts my attention on is about climbing stairs.

“In a recent study, British researchers confirmed that some exercise is better than nothing.

Researchers found that for sedentary people, even a few minutes of daily stair climbing – a vigorous but easily accessible form of exercise – can improve cardiovascular health.”

Well, that is certainly do-able in my daily life as a mom to a very active toddler..hehe!

At least that’s what I could do for now in term of staying fit without going to the gym like I used to do long time ago. But I will still have to find the right way and time to manage my eating plan daily. I hope they have articles on eating right for busy moms..heh!

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