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Kerang Rebus

April 27, 2010 Cinta 0

How difficult could it be to make kerang rebus? Well, for a start, you can dump in all the washed cockles in a pot, put some water and let it boil. There, you have a pot of kerang rebus already. […]

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Mee Kungfu

April 24, 2010 Cinta 0

It’s been a while since I go out and eat Mee Kungfu in a restaurant. One day I decided to search for the recipe and cook this dish on my own…and it was not hard at all..heh! You can’t really […]

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Do You Have A Cooking Blog?

April 14, 2010 Cinta 0

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Inc. All opinions are 100% mine. For those who have a cooking blog on free platform like blogspot or wordpress, for example and thinking of having your own […]

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Cekodok Pisang

April 12, 2010 Cinta 0

I seem to be making better looking cekodok these days..maybe the age is catching up and make my hand and fingers wiser..haha! But seriously, even Hubby said my cekodok pisang do look great this time, they are so cute in […]