Cekodok Pisang

I seem to be making better looking cekodok these days..maybe the age is catching up and make my hand and fingers wiser..haha!

But seriously, even Hubby said my cekodok pisang do look great this time, they are so cute in size. Even I was amazed to see the outcome of my jemput jemput pisang..(another proper term used to call this cekodok)

This time I used pisang emas to make these cekodok. I couldn’t find the English name for pisang emas. Anyone knows?

The best thing about making your own cekodok is that you can be very generous with the banana portion and use just enough flour in the mixture, unlike when you buy outside. The sellers tend to use too much flour which make their cekodok taste almost like banana cake..huhu!

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