Sambal Udang Nyonya Style

I have been cooking sambal udang the same style for many years. So when I read the recipe on Mat Gebu’s blog – Dapur Tanpa Sempadan one day, I thought I should give this Nyonya style sambal udang a chance.

The interesting aspect of this sambal is the usage of candlenut or buah keras in the paste. I’ve never use buah keras in any of my home cooked meal except to do ayam bumbu. It is said that the usage of candlenut gives the dish a more ‘lemak’ taste.

I will link to his recipe once I could find the correct entry. (Updated : Here is the link to his recipe – Tumis Udang Petai) In the meantime, do any of you notice that I am using pinggan lama with corak bunga kangkung for the photo shoot? Bought a few pieces of those pinggan antik at Amcorp Mall, just to have a different style of serving plate for kampung recipes..hehe!

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