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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bill Schnell. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am very tempted to buy the e-book The Traffic Plus as it is only $17.

For the whole month of Ramadhan, I have seen a great increase in my AdSense income since there are many visitors to my food blog. Just imagine how much more I could earn if I could get a larger amount of visitors to my blog by using a succinct easy to follow guide as opposed to using time consuming methods that got no results.

I am all into efficient methods. I really don’t have time all day to write a post and after a lot of hard work of editing images, writing content and then realize that the entry gets no traffic..huhu! It is frustrating to the extent of sometimes I lost hope to continue blogging.

The promise that says that I could save time by following this guide, and how I would never thought I’d see something that could easily get this amount of visitors to my blog in a short time is really captivating.

It also comes with a full 60 Day (For Whatever Reason You Want) Money-Back Guarantee. Well, as soon as I get SocialSpark payment in my Paypal account, I will buy this ebook.


What about you? Don’t you want to spend minimum time online updating your blog yet earn great amount of money from your massive visitors daily?

For the sceptical mind out there, this is what the product consists of:

Three main sections:

* Cold-0 Traffic: This section deals with getting traffic instantly, as in a cold start. It’s here that we discuss ways to get instant exposure to your blog, website or landing page and grab enough visitors to get started.

Part of Cold-0:
– Learn about creating Consistent Valued Content (CVC) – content that will always be relevent will bring visitors to your site forever due to it’s “evergreen” nature.
– Utilise RSS feeds and Twitter collaborations to spread your site virally and easily.

* Quick Traffic: This section deals with traffic that you can quickly fetch for your latest blog post, contest, product launch or similar situation, to get it all kick started. Just a quick way to spread the word.

– Advanced video marketing tactics
– Leveraging social media
– Email list building and correct use (and how to make it as non-spammy and useful as possible)

*Perpetual Traffic: This section is where I discuss simple but very effective ways to generate perpetual traffic which would last till eternity (or at least till you keep posting quality content).

– Competition hosting
– Article / podcast marketing
– Creating Linkwheels
– Web 2.0 societies

As soon as I employ the methods and see the difference I will let you know.

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