Pengat Pisang

I know it’s a common dish for dessert, but since I’ve never cook this before, I thought I might as well share it here.

I recently learned new type of pisang (banana) available for cooking. I knew pisang emas as we usually use it for jemput-jemput or cekodok. Now I learn that there are pisang abu for goreng pisang and pisang tanduk for pengat.

Picture of pisang tanduk taken from the Internet:

I already knew the basic of making pengat. You will need santan (coconut milk), sugar, in my case I also used gula melaka (palm sugar), a pinch of salt, daun pandan (screwpine leaves) and whatever the main fruit you want to make your pengat from.

This time I thought I want to add in biji sagu (sago) in my pengat. The first time I made pengat pisang with sagu, I didn’t soak the sago and it took me so long to stir constantly until the sago pearls turned transparent. The second time I learned my lesson and I soaked them beforehand..hehe!

So, how do you like your pengat? With sago pearls or without?

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