Ayam Masak Tomato (Chicken in Tomato Sauce)

I was really out of idea on what to cook on weekend. Plus I don’t feel like cooking for hours in the kitchen. There was some leftover of the canned peas from what Dear Son ate the night before. I already blended dried chili with onion and garlic 2 weeks before and kept the paste in the fridge. And there was some evaporated milk left from nasi hujan panas cooked earlier.

I fried the chicken pieces first. The oil from the frying process was used to saute the blended chili, onion, garlic and ginger.

I didn’t use too much blended chili this time and it turned out to be ayam masak tomato versi kurang pedas. After the blended paste has been thoroughly cooked or pecah minyak (the paste bubble and the oil separates from the paste), I put in Maggi tomato sauce and chili sauce. I added some plain water and the IDEAL evaporated milk about 5 tablespoon just to give the creamy taste to the gravy.

The canned peas, sliced Holland onion and fresh tomato can be added later a few minutes before you are ready to serve in order to maintain the crunchy and fresh look. Oh, don’t forget to add in salt to taste.

This was the first adult dish that my toddler son agrees to eat, thank God I decided to make it less spicy.

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