Soto Ayam With Bergedil

I have been making few rounds of soto ayam at home lately but so far this is the version which I think is almost complete.

For this particular soto ayam, I fried rice vermicelli (soo hoon) in the hot oil as part of the garnish. There was also blanched beansprouts (tauge).

After almost a decade of cooking soto, I finally master the skills to make bergedil daging (beef potato patties) without having them all burst out in the hot oil when frying them.

The first trick is to fry the potato pieces instead of boiling them.

In this house, for soto ayam, we prefer the chicken to be fried instead of eaten boiled from the gravy. The crunchy chicken skins are the sinful part of the dish..haha!

Of course having sambal kicap is a must when you are having soto ayam. So what’s your preference for soto? Do tell me!

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