Cupcake Chic, The Curve

I’ve been searching for a cake place to celebrate my son first birthday early this month and this outlet of Cupcake Chic at The Curve came to mind.

I am not into cake so I thought blowing the candles on tiny cupcakes would be good enough. After all we the parents will be the one who has to eat the cake..heh!

I can’t remember the other 2 cupcakes (Hubby chose them), but the other two with spoons are Cookies n Cream and Butter Pecan. Next time I want to try Lemon Meringue and Jaffa.

It would be nice if we can sit back, take our time to eat the cupcakes slowly while sipping on drinks, but with a kid on tow who was at the brink of crankiness after a long and tiring day, we didn’t even finish those cupcakes.

Oh, for those celebrating birthday, they do sell birthday candles as well.


  1. wow the cakes in the photo looks REALLY delicious. Especially the one on the bottom right corner..yummy!

    Cupcakes are a good idea for a kids bday though. They look cute, you can give kids a whole cake (rather than cutting a portion)..

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