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Pizza Hut – Sausage Pizza

October 23, 2007 Cinta 5

This pizza should be mentioned many months ago, but I was very busy with my work that I left the edited pictures on my desktop for so long. Actually I prefer Dominos Pizza to Pizza Hut, but since the nearest […]

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The Home Made Puding Jagung

October 21, 2007 Cinta 0

I am very bad in making desserts and all, so when Hubby suddenly has the urge to eat Puding Jagung with custard, not the one with agar-agar sold at the Pasar Ramadhan, I have some doubt on my ability to […]

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Rojak Buah

October 18, 2007 Cinta 1

I’m not sure whether Rojak Buah can be considered as fruit salad. With the full array of different types of fruits mixed in together I think it can be considered as one but with the dressing as hot and spicy […]

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Penang Village – Alamanda

October 15, 2007 Cinta 3

I was planning to go for Buka Puasa Buffet at Sari Indah Alamanda but I was shocked to find out that the restaurant was no longer there. The shop unit has been taken over by Penang Village. Since it was […]