Kerang Rebus

How difficult could it be to make kerang rebus?

Well, for a start, you can dump in all the washed cockles in a pot, put some water and let it boil. There, you have a pot of kerang rebus already.

Or you can make it more edible, something soupy that you can slurp while enjoying the flesh of the boiled cockles.

I put in a big onion that has been sliced, a pinch of salt and bruised 3 stalks of lemongrass into the pot of water and cockles. (Don’t put in too much water, put in just enough to boil the kerang). The serai gave such a lovely aroma into my humble sup kerang.

Of course, if you want more kick, you can dip the flesh of your kerang rebus into spicy sambal kicap. Now you can enjoy kerang rebus at home without going out to any seafood restaurant!

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