Siakap Steam Asam Boi

This entry should have been posted in April but I was so busy with my handicrafts work that I did not have enough time to edit and type the content. So since I don’t want my May entry to be so bare, consider this one as a backdated home cooking entry.

Well, if you have been dining out to Thai restaurant, you must somehow come across this menu – Siakap Steam with Asam Boi. I bought this big fish at Jusco and the fish guy said this one is organic siakap. Even fish is on organic diet nowadays..I wonder what the non organic fish eat in the tank..huhu!


It’s not that hard to prepare this dish. You just have to slice everything, the ginger, lemongrass, red chili, tomato, etc and put on, in and between the fish. I put a lot of asam boi – preserved plum from China found in bottle because Hubby seems to love them. If you want you can add asam limau as well. I think I used limau kasturi – was it called calamansi?

Steam the whole thing about 20 minutes and when it’s about right take them out from the steamer and it’s ready to be eaten as family dinner.


I almost forget to take the picture of the cooked dish. This is what is left after we almost finished eating. The lower part of the fish is gone but nobody wants to eat the upper part of the fish. Maybe I should get a cat for pet..haha!

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