Longan – Mata Kucing

The only type of fruits that I really love and would spend my precious time to actually sit, peel and eat till the last is longan. Sometimes here in Malaysia the locals call them mata kucing – it means cat’s eye. Well, maybe because if you see the real fruit, the black seed inside is really shining like a cat’s eye ball..haha!


I never fail to buy longan when the fruits are available in the market. Some times when I feel like eating them, there are none because it is not the season. I think most of the longan sold in Malaysia is imported from Thailand.

I’m not sure what else you can do with longan. I have tried to peel the leftover longan and put the fleshy part in jelly which did not really go well (for me). I prefer lychee jelly..hehe!


I found a recipe of dessert from dried longan – Longan Dessert/Longan Tong Sui here at RasaMalaysia.com. Have a look!

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