Mee Kuah

Actually I am not sure what people call this dish, but I simply call it as mee kuah since it is berkuah..haha!

Usually I will simmer the beef stock longer, and if possible to use ribs or bones part of the beef.

For this one, I just fried the blended chili, onion and garlic till fragrant and then I put in all the other ingredients like prawns, fishball and beef slices.

Then I put in plain water, add in cuka makan (vinegar), Maggi chili and tomato sauce (sos cili and sos tomato Maggi), soy sauce (I used kicap Tamin), salt and sugar for seasoning.

Other condiments like the beansprouts, sawi and fried tofu were prepared separately. The vege were blanched in boiling water.

It is quite a tedious process to prepare a complete set but in the end it is just worth it! Try it at home. Oh, you can also add on hard boiled egg as part of the condiments. For those who like bawang goreng (fried sliced shallots) or daun sup (Chinese celery), you can add on those two as well.

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