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Asam Pedas Ikan & Sawi Jeruk

June 3, 2011 Cinta 0

Sometimes when I bought too much stock for fish and chicken, I always end up making asam pedas. This time it was asam pedas ikan kembung with sawi jeruk. I found a good recipe online sharing on how to make […]

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Assam Laksa – Laksa Penang

May 27, 2011 Cinta 0

I know that I’ve posted earlier that I will not make any laksa penang after the tiresome experience last Raya holiday. Somehow during the shopping spree at Pasar Borong last Sunday, I decided that I could be making a small […]

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Kari Ayam – Chicken Curry

May 9, 2011 Cinta 0

I realized after so many years that I never cook chicken curry. So when Hubby said he feels like eating kari ayam, I have to search for recipe. I called SIL to ask for her version of chicken curry and […]

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Secret Recipe For Tea

April 22, 2011 Cinta 0

Every time I need to do groceries shopping at Jusco, we will have something to eat first, if I don’t cook at home that day. This time I feel like having something for tea. Something that is not too heavy […]

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Sup Petola, Fucuk & Suhun

April 15, 2011 Cinta 1

I decided to cook this after reading Dapur Tanpa Sempadan cooking blog. For recipe you can check out Cik Mat Gebu’s version – Sup Petola dan Fucuk. Usually for petola (luffa) I simply cook it with rebus air method. Put […]

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Bihun Goreng Singapore

April 13, 2011 Cinta 0

It’s funny sometimes that we call certain dishes by the place name, like bihun singapore (which I don’t even know whether it really exists in Singapore), mee bandung, air bandung, mee hong kong, roti arab..just to name a few. I […]

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Tony Roma’s Sunway Pyramid Revisited

March 31, 2011 Cinta 0

It’s been a while since our last visit to Tony Roma’s. And this is the main reason why I went to the restaurant..their great fried mushroom and the honey dipping sauce..yummy!! In support of Hubby’s effort to eat healthy, here […]

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Restoran Salero Negori, Amcorp Mall

March 24, 2011 Cinta 0

There’s one time when I was really yearning to have a good Minang/Padang food for lunch. Reading others food blog gave me some good suggestion for new dining places to try. One of them is Restoran Salero Negori in Amcorp […]

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Thai Thai Sunway Pyramid Part II

March 18, 2011 Cinta 0

This is my second entry about Thai Thai restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Since I usually order the same dish every time, I decided to share only the pictures of new dish and drinks this time. I’ve read in others’ blog […]